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3 December, 2019 Places

The Blue House of Frida Kahlo in Coyoacán is one of the must-do visits if you love art and you visit Mexico. Also the Huerta de San Vicente in Granada is another of those essential corners. Drawing breath there will reveal the essence of some of the most universal writers from our history, Federico García Lorca.

La casa de Lorca, el poeta eterno

A few days ago was the anniversary of the death of the poet. But there are geniuses that are immortal, and the poet from Granada will live on forever through his work.

La casa de Lorca, el poeta eterno

La casa de Lorca, el poeta eterno

They are almost all objects which belonged to the García Lorca family, although they were not normally located at this residence as, with the passage of time, they modified their habits regarding stays. Other pieces of furniture are replicas of what was common in a house from that era, which are necessary to historically contextualise the visitor.

The literary and the domestic

This house tries to shed light on some of the aspects of the life and work of Federico García Lorca. It is inevitable that the literary and the domestic, the scientific and the tourism-related, the memory and myth of this universal poet become interwoven. But what is certain is that the visitor will emerge with greater knowledge of the life and work of the poet.

La casa de Lorca, el poeta eterno

During the visit you will find two separate areas. In one you can find the rooms of this summer residence: entrance hall, piano room, kitchen, bedroom…In addition to works by some contemporaries and friends of García Lorca, such as Dalí, Rafael Alberti or Hermenegildo Lanz. The other area is the exhibition area, which contains three rooms. There you can enjoy temporary exhibitions and the permanent exhibition, which includes drawings, manuscripts and photographs by Federico García Lorca which belong to the Federico García Lorca Foundation.

The city of Granada opened the doors of this House-Museum to the public in 1995. Today it is one of the most important cultural centres in the city of the Alhambra. It has received and received visitors from all over the world. Some celebrities can be found in the Huerta de San Vicente, photo gallery, including the singer and poet Patti Smith, the guitarist from Mali, Alí Farka Touré, or the writers Enrique Vila-Matas or Simona Vinci. And the fact remains that, in the words of the Argentine singer songwriter, poet, writer and philosopher, you can kill the man, but never the poet.

Photos from visual project Lorca y Granada en los jardines del Generalife.

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