en Menú


There is a journey which required no preparation, but simply a pause to shed that which we no longer need: of time and of noise, and autumn is its first season.


80' arab baths · 40' autumn massage

You will enter 30 minutes before the usual start, and enjoy the extra time just for themselves. On the threshold of the Hammam you will take part in a welcome ritual, before moving on to the autumn massage. This is a relaxing 40-minute massage using various silk wraps filled with herbs and seeds, and a selection of essential oils that will allow you to feel the autumn within. A combination of fabrics, sounds, and a back, torso and extremities massage, which intensifies the effect of the connection with nature and with yourself.


Scattering October, moving gently to
the south, the leaves golden and red,
and, in the clear descent of
its leaves, the thoughts are carried to infinity.

What a gentle tranquillity in this detachment
from everything; oh beautiful grassland revealing
your flowers; oh already chilled water, dampening the wind
with your shimmering crystal!

Enchantment of gold! Sheer confinement,
in which the body, transformed into a soul,
becomes tender, hurled into the greenery of a hill!

In the decadence of beauty,
life is unveiled, and the excellence
of its divine truth shines forth.

Juan Ramón Jiménez