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Sierra Nevada, one of the most popular places every year for people from all over the world, whether as a holiday destination for enjoying snow sports, or as one of the...

2 December, 2019 Sports

Sierra Nevada, one of the most popular places every year for people from all over the world, whether as a holiday destination for enjoying snow sports, or as one of the best ski stations in the world. If we add the fact that it is only a few minutes from the beautiful Alhambra in Granada… there are few places that can provide competition. Skiing or snowboarding are not the only activities that the visitor can do on their holidays. The after-ski is a very enjoyable, important activity in this setting. For that reason, many people consider it an essential factor when booking one destination or another.

To think of Granada in the winter months is synonymous with fun in the snow. However, the pistes usually close around 5 o’clock in the afternoon. After a hard day’s activities, and the descent of kilometres of mountain on our skis, what we most want to do is to disconnect. And continue to enjoy our white holiday.

After-ski covers all leisure and nightlife activities and social events that can be enjoyed around the resort. Do you know what after-ski activities can be enjoyed in Granada? We are going to tell you in this article.

  1. Enjoy the setting

In countries such as Austria or Andorra it is very common to finish the sporting day. And go out to enjoy the environment in the surrounding area. Without the need to remove your boots or ski suit. The activities may be as varied as having a drink before supper, dancing, or even doing other snow sports. Sierra Nevada is perfect for getting lost in its bars, restaurants and pubs. Look them out around the pistes. The hours will fly by when sharing a hot chocolate, a few beers or supper with friends, while you speak about the day’s experiences.

  1. Discover more snow sports

In Sierra Nevada you can do many parallel sporting activities in parallel to skiing or snowboarding. In Borreguiles you can go down slides on inflatables. Organise a competition with your friends, walk with snow shoes following various guided routes through the mountains. Then there is Pradollano, where there is a modern activities centre. There you can skate on ecological ice, do archery or take part in the star activity, the Russian sled ride. These sleds ascend automatically and then descend through 550 metres. These plans are perfect for both adults and children.

  1. Design your own activity

Do you want to ski or drive a snow machine at night? Why not enjoy fun and games with your friends, try ski cross, go on a treasure hunt or combine various multi-adventure activities? These services are also available and will allow you to organise a personal plan with your group of friends. And if you have time, you could hire mountain bikes and discover the Fuente Alta circuit.

  1. Try the gastronomy of Granada

If you are in Granada and you do not go out for tapas, you cannot say you have enjoyed the experience 100%. So, once you have finished your day of sports you can choose between fine dining in places such as Restaurante Alcazaba or Ruta del Veleta, located in the lower areas of the Sierra Nevada. The second option is to go down to the city and allow the charm of the streets of Granada take you. Lose yourself in its many tapas bars; every area is special for one reason or another. Views of the Alhambra from the Paseo de los Tristes or Albaicín, the charm of Realejo, the old Jewish quarter of the city, or the terraces in Plaza Bib Rambla and the area around the Cathedral.

  1. Enjoy a unique experience in Hammam Al Ándalus

Now that you are in the city, take advantage and enjoy a unique, totally relaxing experience. Very close to Paseo de los Tristes, in Calle Santa Ana, you can find one of the city’s treasures, our Hammam Al Ándalus, a traditional Andalusian Arab baths. Thanks to these thermal baths with water at various temperatures, you can disconnect from you day’s sport, and you body will thank you for it, as within our facilities your senses will be all that matter. Discover the benefits of the traditional Kessa, with exfoliating properties. And chose one of our rituals in order to connect with yourself and let your mind fly, with our massages and the unique atmosphere created thanks to the Andalusian decoration.