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3 December, 2019 Places, Tourism


They say that there are no more magical sunsets that those of Granada, for many the most beautiful place in Spain. When the day comes to a close and the light becomes golden, it is inevitable that you stop for a moment and look before you. In the city of the Alhambra, the Vega, the Alcaicería and the Sierra Nevada, any place from where you can watch the sunset and recharge the energy spent during the day is special. These are some of the corners that visitors find the most enchanting.


  • Mirador de San Nicolás
5 Rincones con embrujo para ver atardecer desde GranadaAuthor: Daniel Villafruela

This Granada classic is so magical that it is almost always on the list of must-see places for outsiders and neighbours alike. It can be found right at the heart of the Albayzín neighbourhood, and is strategically located in order to provide an idyllic view. From the bustling square we can enjoy a perfect view of the La Sabika hill and the monumental ensemble of the Alhambra: the Generalife, the Torre de Comares, the Nasrid Palaces, The Palace of Carlos V, the Torre de la Vela…It is all possible from the square, with its contagious joy and art. “What I like the most is that there is always a wide variety of people and a lot of bustle. You are just as likely to hear a guitarist playing flamenco or a huge band of strings and wind instruments, and they light up your day”, said Angela, from Valladolid, who is studying in the city.


  • The Roman Bridge
5 Rincones con embrujo para ver atardecer desde Granada
Raúl Pérez Soto

Also known as the Puente del Genil, it was built in the era of the Zirid Taifa, between the end of the 11th century and the start of the 12th. Although after a lot of history it is a Roman bridge which is not Roman, as due to the swelling of the river it had to be rebuilt, using robust stone from the Malahá. It is located right in the centre of Granada and, as it is pedestrian, is a place of easy transit. Sometimes there is live music or artisans displaying their creations, and it is common that during the asparagus season there are little stalls selling this delight from the Granada meadows. “It’s my favourite place in Granada. From there you can see how the red sky is reflected in the river, or turn round and see the sunset reflected in the white houses at the top of the Realejo, and all the tones it creates”, said Iru, from the Canaries, who works in the city.


  • La silla del moro

La silla del moro

This building, located on the Cerro del Sol, was an observation and protection post for the Generalife. During its history it has been used as a strategic point, due to the panoramic perspective it provides. Although it is not one of the most visited miradores, heading there is worth the effort. Legend has it that king Boabdil hid there during a revolt by the people due to his ways. By escaping to the hill, to the side of the Alhambra, he could view the entire uprising. “I love the story of this mirador and it makes you feel how special this city and the privileged location it occupies is”, said Paqui, from Almeria, and a resident of the city.


  • Mirador de la Iglesia de San Miguel Alto
5 Rincones con embrujo para ver atardecer desde GranadaPhoto: Sara Amaro

Its very name indicates that this is one of the highest miradores in the city, and thus one providing the best views. From there we can see the Sierra Nevada, the Alhambra, the Albayzín, the historic centre and the Sierra Elvira. Getting there on foot is no easy task, but the reward is 100% worth the effort. The panoramic view of Granada is so spectacular, and the light tones so vivid, that time seems to stand still for a moment in order to make our memory eternal. “It is my favourite place because I love high places and you can see the entire city of Granada”, said Jose, from Jaen, who lives in the city.


  • The Enmedio trail

La vereda de Enmedio

Located in the neighbourhood of Sacromonte, it is one of the least known miradores in the city. It provides us with a side view of the Alhambra, and from there we can also see the Silla del Moro, the Generalife, the lower part of Albayzín, and the centre of the city. The magic of this sunset is in its light which, depending on the time of the year, includes orange, red and even purple tones. “I call it the mirador of the cats, because there are a lot in the area. The charm of the Gypsy neighbourhood of Sacromonte makes it the place from which I most like to watch the sunset”, said Paula, from Logroño, who works in the city.

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